Every day when I go online I find myself facing a barrage of emails, Facebook messages and blogs, with many of them urging me to do something.

No doubt you have the same experience.  Whether it’s Amazon prompting you to buy a new book, a thought leadership coach urging you to monetize your ideas, or an investment adviser telling you its time to get into a particular asset class, the messages are all variations on the same implicit theme: do something and you will be happier.

The overwhelming weight of messages pumped out daily are about changing our world.  I’d rather focus on how we can change our experience of the world.

Our happiness is, at most, indirectly linked to external circumstances.  No amount of outer success, wealth or status is of any value if we lack inner peace.

So, rather than add to the relentless tide of suggestions about doing, the focus of this blog is on being better.

For this moment, here and now, is all that there is.  The possibilities in the way we experience it is infinite.  And as the more enlightened among us have shown since time immemorial, the experience of perfect happiness is a matter of inner development much more than most people would dare believe.