Yes I know this is not ‘my’ blog.  Technically speaking.  But ask any cat lover and you’ll soon discover that what you believe is ‘your’ sofa, bed or lap actually belong to the cat – unless she feels inclined to move.

And right now, I don’t.  I’m still having a good look around cyberspace to see why humans get so excited about it.

I should point out that this particular blog would never have been my first choice.  As His Holiness’s Cat – or HHC as I’m known for short around the Dalai Lama’s residence – my first paw prints should really have appeared on The Dalai Lama’s blog.  Only he doesn’t have one

Reminds me of the time a couple of months ago when a team of people from the US State Department came visiting His Holiness here in Dharamsala.  Yes, dear reader, one of the perks of being HHC is the amazing variety of laps I get to sit on.  We’re talking Hollywood movie stars, self help gurus, philanthropists – not to mention my favourite, the most accomplished meditation masters on this earth.

But I digress.

In came this group of people from the State Department. They had been preceded by a security detachment to make sure there were no dogs or other unpleasantness lurking in the corridors, so I knew that a VIP was about to arrive.

A group of serious looking men duly presented white scarves to His Holiness, the usual form of greeting in these parts.  But it was the lady of the group who interested me.  I couldn’t possibly tell you who she was.  A cat in my position has to be discrete.  If I told you the names of all the people who come seeking advice from His Holiness, believe me, you’d be astounded.

Let’s just say that this particular lady had short, blonde hair.  Middle aged. Minimal make up.  There now – that’s as far as I’m prepared to go without an offering of smoked salmon or similar inducement.

As soon as the lady sat down and spotted me in my usual position on the window sill, our eyes met – and I knew that all important fact: that I was looking into the eyes of a Cat Lover.

(Was it my imagination, or did the word ‘Socks’ pass her lips?)

I didn’t jump off the sill immediately and make my way to her – that’s just not my style.  One likes to create a bit of suspense with humans.  Keep them waiting.  Not hand them everything on a plate.  Even though she had the most comfortable looking lap, I decided to bide my time.

Unfortunately, on that occasion I missed out.  When I did finally sashay over, she had a file of important documents on her knees.  Instead I had to make do with the bony legs of one of her advisers who didn’t seem best pleased to see me, but could hardly chase me off without creating a Diplomatic Incident.

All very much like this blog, dear reader.  It may not be the best lap in blogosphere, but it is a lap.  And until I decide to move, David Michie will just have to put up with me.  So, now that we’re nicely settled and getting to know each other, if you’d like to lean closer and hear some of my stories, may I suggest you reach your hand out and – no I don’t want to be tickled!

I was going to suggest you click on the following link and pre-order my no holes barred, trash-to-temple tale so that you’ll be one of the first humans to get it, when it’s released on 1 October 2012.

Tell you more about it?  I’d be delighted to.  But not right now … I feel a nap coming on.

Until next time.

(  )~