This is a question that has come up a lot recently.  Can you believe the cheek of it?!  People will study the sumptuous elegance of my delightfully fluffy coat, admire my thousand whiskers and gaze directly into the oceanic blueness of my eyes.  And even though they immediately recognise me as the author of the most intriguing volume of memoirs to hit the bookstores this Fall – well, someone had to say it – they still ask: “Yes, but does the Dalai Lama really have a cat?”

Puh-lease!  It’s enough to make you want to sink your fangs very deeply into a tender part of their anatomy.  So, I want to put this matter to rest, once and for all.

I, His Holiness’s Cat – otherwise known as HHC, the Snow Lion, Rinpoche, and more names than I could possibly list here – am all too real.  I even have a Facebook page ( and Twitter account ( to my name.  Is more proof of a being’s existence even possible?

Being a consummate professional, I never intrude into His Holiness’s audiences, even though I follow them closely from the window sill or my favourite wingback chair.  You will not see me photographed with The Dalai Lama and his great variety of visitors – because I am usually watching the photograph being taken.  That’s if I’m not enjoying a nap.

What I can provide is Exhibit A, above, a photograph of His Holiness with a cat.  Not me of course, but a cat he met somewhere along the way.  Look how carefully he is holding the lucky puss, making sure she feels comfortable, that her feet have a safe place to rest.  What more powerful evidence could there be that the Dalai Lama is a Cat Lover?  I will tell you, dear reader: none!

So as far as I’m concerned, the case is closed.  You have photographic evidence that the Dalai Lama is a Cat Lover.  I, HHC, have an online pawprint that grows by the day.  The matter of my existence is therefore beyond dispute.

It’s alright, my dear, you don’t need to start bowing or offering me white scarves, as Tibetan tradition dictates.  But I suggest you make up for your existential doubts by visiting Amazon, and quick about it, to order your copy of the aforementioned intriguing memoirs:

And alright, since you insist, I wouldn’t say no to a dish of diced chicken liver with some thick whipped cream to follow ….

By the way, is your cat quite as delightful as me?  Does she give you such precious opportunities to practice generosity and patience?  I think I deserve to be told!

(  )~  Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr